Saligram is a round shape, oval, flat, with chakra(wheel mark), without chakra(plain), with more or few chakras, with or without holes. We find black color shaligram i.e., considered to be auspicious. Other popular and rare saligram are blue color, red, yellow, golden shaligram, etc. kali gandaki river(Shaligram river) name is derived from Kali (black) Saligram. Hindu word Kali means Black whereas kali is also the name of Hindu goddess ‘Kali’. The oldest name of the kaligandaki river is said to be krishna gandaki river. Lord Krishna (a human form/incarnation of lord vishnu) is also known as a beautiful black color god and famous for his black complexion and sawla krishna. Krishna is the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the 8th son of mother Devaki.

There are many names of Shaligram. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with more than 108 names. All names of Lord Vishnu is considered as the name of God shaligram. Other names of saligram are Ram shaligram, Krishna shaligram, Matsya shaligram, kurma,varaha, buddha, Madhusudan, Govinda, Janardhan shaligram, shiva saligram, Gopal shaligram, Hayagriva shaligram, Laxmi Narayan shaligram, narasimha shaligram, laxmi narasimha shaligram, Aniruddha shaligram, Parashurama shaligram, vamana shaligram, sudarshan or sudarshan chakra saligram, Vasudev shaligram, etc.

There Are 24 Types Of Shaligram ( 24 Names Of Lord Vishnu Shaligram). Everyone Should Worship This Type Of Shaligram

First One is Keshav – We should worship Keshava Shaligram. Mantra – Om Sri Keshavaye Namah. Salutations to Lord Keshav. Eternal Wisdom.

Second one is Madhusudan – Mantra – Om Sri Madhusudanaye Namah. Salutations to Lord Madhusudan. Eradication of Ego.

Third Shankarshan – Mantra – Om Sri Sankarshanaye Namah – Salutations to Lord Shankarshan. Highest attraction.

Fourth Damodar – Mantra – Om Sri Damodaraye Namah – Salutations to Lord Damodara. Realization of the form of God.

Fifth Vasudev – Mantra – Om Sri Vasudevaye Namah – Salutations to Lord Vasudeva. Realizations of the all-pervasiveness of God.

Sixth Pradyumna – Mantra – Om Sri Pradyumnaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Pradyumna. Becoming son of God.

Seventh Vishnu – Mantra – Om Sri Visnave Namah – Salutations to Lord Visnu. Cosmic Consciousness.

Eight Madhav – Mantra – Om Sri Madhavaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Madhava. Prosperity.

Ninth Acyuta- Mantra – Om Sri Acyutata Namah – Salutations to Lord Achyut. Becoming invincible.

Tenth Purshottam – Mantra – Om Sri purusottamaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Purusottama. Realization of the Supreme Person.

Eleventh Adhoksaj – Mantra – Om Sri Adhoksajaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Adhoksaja. Opening of the third eye between eyebrows.

Twelve Janardhan – Mantra – Om Sri Janardanaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Janardana. Seeing God in all.

Thirteen Govinda – Mantra – Om Sri Govindaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Govinda. Obstacles removed.

Fourteen Trivikram – Mantra – om Sri Trivikramaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Trivikrama. Knowledge of all worlds.

Fifteen Sridhar – Mantra – Om Sri Sridharaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Sridhara. Wealth, both spiritual and material.

Sixteenth Hrishikesh – Mantra – Om Sri Hrsikesaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Hrsikesa. Control of senses.

Seventeen Narasimha – Mantra – Om Sri Narasimhaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Narasimha. Destruction of evil propensities.

Eighteenth Aniruddha- Mantra – Om Sri Aniruddhaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Anirudra.Light of God.

Nineteenth Vamana – Mantra – Om Sri Vamanaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Vamana. Humility and virtues.

Twenty Narayana – Mantra – Om Sri Narayanaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Narayana. Final beatitude.

Twenty-one Padmanabha – Mantra – Om Sri Padmanabhaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Padmanabh. Realization of navel lotus.

Twenty-two Upendra – Mantra – Om Sri upendraya Namah – Salutations to Lord Upendra. Lordship.

Twenty-third Hari – Mantra – Om Sri Haraye Namah – Salutations to Lord Hari. Transcendental bliss.

Twenty fourth is Krishna – Mantra – Om Sri Krishnaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Krishna. Realization of Lord Krishna.

All hindus worship shaligram to please lord vishnu. In present time(kaliyuga) worshipping Shaligram Please lord Narayan (God Vishnu) Easily. Hence,one should establish one or more than 1 shaligram,tulsi plants and shankh(conch) in house.

Names of different types of Shaligram are as follows

(1) Pundarik Shaligram (2) Pralamdhan Shaligram (3) Vaikuntha Shaligram (4) Madhusudan Shaligram( 5) Pitambar Shaligram (6) Nara Shaligram (7) Rama Shaligram (8) Sudarshan Shaligram (9) Veer Narayan Shaligram (10) KsheerSagar Shayi Shaligram (11) SeerPani Shaligram (12) Matsya Shaligram (13) Paramesthi Shaligram (14) Musali Shaligram (15) Vishwaksen Shaligram (16) Kurma Shaligram (17) Varaha Shaligram (18) Swet Varaha shaligram (19) Vaman Shaligram (20) Laxmi Varaha Shaligram (21) Dharani Varaha Shaligram (22) Shanta Shaligram (23) Bhargav Shaligram (24) Narasimha Shaligram (25) Parshurama Shaligram (26) Veer Ram Shaligram (27) Keshav Shaligram (28) Laxmi Narasimha Shaligram (29) Sesh Shaligram (30) Upendra Shaligram (31) Dadhi Vahan Shaligram (32) Vishnu Shaligram (33) Dashrathi Rama Shaligram (34) Balram shaligram (35) Halayudh shaligram (36) Vjayaram shaligram (37) Kodandaram shaligram (38) Hashtaram shaligram (39) Tribikram shaligram (40) Krishna shaligram (41) Govardhan shaligram (42) Kalki shaligram (43) Pamdanadh shaligram (44) Hari shaligram (45) Pradhumna shaligram (46) Anirudh shaligram (47) Laxmi Gopal shaligram (48) Santan Gopal shaigram (49) Madan Gopal shaigram (50) Shree Gopal shaligram (51) Balkrishna shaligram (52) Hayegriv shaligram (53) Vansha Gopal shaligram (54) Maya Narayana shaigram (55) Garud shaligram (56) Garuddwaj shaigram (57) Pundarik shaligram (58) Yagya shaligram (59) Shreedhar shaligram (60) Gadadhar shaligram (61) Laxmipati shaligram (62) Bashudev shaligram (63) Madhav shaligram (64) Sheshsayi shaligram (65) Bidaran shaligram (66) Narsingh shaligram (67) Aakash Narsingh shaligram (68) Bal Narsingh shaligram (69) Kapil Narsingh shaligram (70) Jwala Narsingh shaligram (71) Vidhyun Narsingh shaligram (72) Jihawan Narsingh shaligram (73) Ghor Narsingh shaligram (74) Kuchi Narsingh shaligram (75) Bibhisan Narsingh shaligram (76) Maha Narsingh shaligram (77) Aahar Narsingh shaligram (78) Bibritasya Narsingh shaligram (79) Kali Nasak Ram shaligram (80) Ravan Kul Nasak Ram shaligram (81) Nar Narayan shaligram (82) Shankar Narayan shaligram (83) Rup Narayan shaligram (84) Damodar shaligram (85) Laxmi Damodar shaligram (86) Sunghdha Purushottam shaligram (87) Sankarshan shaligram (88) Adhoshyaj shaligram (89) Dattatreya shaligram (90) Chaturmukh shaligram (91) Trailokya Mohan shaligram (92) Saubhagya shaligram (93) Barad Krishna shaligram (94) Kalia Mardan Krishna shaligram (95) Charun Mardan shaligram (96) Sanatan shaligram (97) Govardhan Krishna shaligram (98) Rukmini shaligram (99) Chudamani Krishna shaligram (100) Dhananjayagra Gami shaligram (101) Parijat Hari Krishna shaligram (102) Syamantak Hari shaligram (103) Sudarshan shaligram (104) Murari shaligram (105) Banmali shaligram (106) Yograt shaligram (107) Amrithari shaligram (108) Ganesh shaligram (109) Shreebatshalanchan shaligram (110) Dharanidhar shaligram (111) Dev Dev shaligram (112) Jagad Yoni shaligram (113) Swayambhu shaligram (114) Kapil shaligram (115) Dharmaraj shaligram (116) Hari shaligram (117) Har shaligram (118) Baikuntha shaligram (119) Hiranyagarva shaligram (120) Hansha shaligram (121) Param Hansha shaligram

Some Saligram Details:

1 – Dwarka Shila

Dwarka shaligram is also known as Dwarka shila. Dwarka shaligram is a direct symbol of God Dwarkadhish (God Krishna). Worshipping or keeping Round or chakra black Shaligram, Dwarka shila, gomati chakra, tulsi leaves and conch shell together in home please god Krishna (God Vishnu).

2- Ganesh Shaligram

Ganesh Rudraksha is also known as Rudraksha Beads with natural Trunk on Rudraksha Beads. The speciality of this rudraksha is that elephant head god ‘ganesh’,the god of prosperity, symbolize this rudraksha.

3 – Garud Narayan saligram

Garuda, a bird deity, with the head and wings of an eagle and sometimes with the rest of his body like that of a man, is called the king of birds and he is also the carrier of Lord Vishnu. This god-bird is thought to be remover of obstacles. His image is placed near Vishnu in temples and in pictures he is depicted carrying Vishnu in the skies on its back. The worshipper of this Shaligram is blessed with immense success in his life. All his obstacles are removed and he reaps gold and wealth in all his endeavours. This is a very powerful Shaligram and it makes things happen very fast and hence one Shila should be kept in the alter.

4- Govinda Wthkamdhenu Saligram

Kamdhenu, the sacred cow deity is considered to grant all wishes and desires. The worshipper of Kamdhenu Shaligram is blessed with all wordly comforts, immense wealth and all the desires and wishes of the devotee are fulfilled. The worshipper gets wife or the husband of his or her choice, good sons and daughters and he leads a life of immense satisfaction, dignity and commands high fame and name in the society. This Shila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extra ordinarily high energy levels. He attains enlightenment and finds a place in the heaven.

5- Janardan Matsya Shaligram

Janardhanh Shaligrama is extremely powerful and the worshipper of this Shaligrama gets tremendous success in business and services. All the obstacles coming on the way of the worshipper are removed from the core and he reaps wealth and gold in all his endeavors. The worshipper gets immense protection by worshipping this Shaligrama and no black magic or occult works on him. This wonderful Shilas has total 5 sets of Chakras which combinely forms the Janardhana. The Laxmi markings are in the form of the vertical lines on the top of Shila. Any person trying to harm the worshipper is sent to hell and suffers throughout his life. It is extremely protective Shaligrama which fulfills all wishes of the devotee and blesses him with peaceful environment, prosperity and protection. Sarvottam Laxmi JanardhanaShila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extraordinarily high energy levels. Janrdhana punishes the guilty.

6 – Kurma Shaligram

This KurmaShaligram which is the divine gift of Lord Vishnu is characterised by very clear Chakras and extremely distinct impressions as compared to the normal KurmaShaligrams. This Shila has a very beautiful well formed white coloured mouth and the main body of the Kurma is black and round and has exotic impressions of Laxmi.

7 – Laddu Gopal Shaligram

The Ladoo Gopal Shaligram Shila is a round Shila representing a ladoo which Gopal ( smallkrishna) used to relish. This Shila is extremely good for knowledge, wit, intelligence and extreme love to the near and dear ones. This Shila is very commonly available but if worshipped can give miraculous results in research and development, inventions and discoveries. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

8 – Laxmi Shaligram

By worshipping Laxmi Shaligram a man can tremendously progress in the business and expands it to a very high level very successfully. It provides extreme protection from the enemies. It is extremely good for the people doing business, service and transacting huge amount of money as it protects like a shield from any loss. The beholder gets all the worldly comforts and leads a successful life.

9 – Matsya shil

Matsya is the first avatar in the lists of the ten primary avatars of Vishnu, Matsya is described to have rescued the first man, Manu, from a great deluge. Matsya may be depicted as a giant fish with a human torso connected to the rear half of a fish. Worshipping this auspicious Matsya Shalagram brings immense wealth and worldly comforts. This bestows the worshipper with austerity and philanthropy. The environment of the beholder’s house and workplace becomes pious and all negativity is removed.A peaceful environment prevails in his surroundings. By worshipping this fish type Shila, a woman is blessed with a virtuous son.

10 – Narayan Shaligramshila

According to our Ancient Texts, since Lord Vishnu is himself present in these Shilas, one can get the blessings of Lord Vishnu by worshipping Shaligrams. One can also be liberated from all kinds of troubles in life by worshipping these Shilas. According to SkandPuran (Ancient Text), special blessings can be obtained by worshipping Shaligram and Ma Tulsi. All the Ancient Texts that contain any kind of literature on Shaligrams say one thing in common i.e one will get divine results by worshipping Shaligram Shila and that is why all mankind should place the symbol of Lord Vishnu in their homes and should worship Lord Vishnu.

11- Narmada Shaligram

Shivling, a stone found in nature, in the bed of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh state, India, is an iconic symbol of worship, based on either the scriptures or cultural traditions among the Hindus, particularly of the Shaivaites and Smartha Brahmins. Stones are ancient and connote divinity. It is a smooth ellipsoid stone.

12- Parshuram Shaligram

Parshurama is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Parashu means “axe” in Sanskrit hence, Parashurama literally translates as “Rama with axe”. He is also known as Bhagupati, Bhargava, and Bhargava rama. Parashurama is most known for ridding the world of kshatriyas twenty-one times over after the mighty king Kartavirya killed his father. He played important roles in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, serving as mentor to Bhishma, Karna and Drona. Parashurama also fought back the advancing seas to save the lands of Konkan, Malabar and Kerala. Parashurama is worshipped as moolpurush, or founder, of the Bhumihar Brahmin, Chitpavan, Daivadnya, Mohyal, Tyagi, Shukla, Awasthi, saryupareen, Kothiyal, Anavil, Nambudiri bhardwaj and gaud Brahmin communities.

13 – Padmanabha Shaligram

The devotee is blessed with immense fortune because of the presence of Laxmi and extreme protection because of the presence of Lord Vishnu Himself. Brahma gives the devotee wit and intelligence. This Shila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extra ordinarily high energy levels. This Shila has very sharp and perfect impressions of Padmanaba.

14 – Saligram Mala

A mala crafted from all natural dark Saligram stone beads from the Kali Gandaki river in Nepal. Saligram stones are highly valued by Hindus as being a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. The area is also sacred to Buddhists as being a power place of the Dakinis. Saligram stones are believed to bestow all manner of blessings, protection and good health.108 beads plus two additional beads that act as the guru bead.Strung on strong braided cord.

15 – Laxmi Narayan Shaligram

Peace prevails in his house and at his workplace. Wherever he puts his hands he reaps gold and wealth. It gives immense protection to the worshipper and gives all worldly comforts. It is very good for starting new business. This Shila will bestow the devotee with great protection against enmity, occult and evil forces. Laxmi Narayan Shaligram will also bestow tremendous stability to the environment and worshipper will emerge out to victorious in all fields, personal life as well as professional life.

16 – Shri Krishna Shaligram

The name Krishna appears as the 57th and 550th name of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Sahasranama of the Mahabharata, and is also listed in the 24 Keshava Namas of Lord Vishnu which are recited and praised at the beginning of all Vedic pujas. A puja is the ritualistic worship offered in Hinduism.

17 – Surya Narayana Shaligram

Surya is the chief of the Navagraha, the nine Classical planets and important elements of astrology. He is often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses which might represent the seven colors of the rainbow or the seven chakras in the body. He is also the presiding deity of Sunday. Surya is regarded as the Supreme Deity by Saura sect and Smartas worship him as one of the five primary forms of God. In Vedic astrology Surya is considered a mild malefic on account of his hot, dry nature.


18- Sudarshan Chakra Shaligram

Sudershan keeps all devils away and so the person trying to harm the worshipper will have a very sad end. All the obstacles are removed from path of the worshipper and he leads a very comfortable and pious life. It also helps in increasing the wit and creativity. The worshipper not only fights for his own rights but also struggles to attain the rights of others. The worship of this Shaligram is very beneficial especially for leaders, businessmen, politicians, doctors and professionals.

19 – Laxmi Varaha Shaligram

It will bestow the devotee with great protection against enemity, occult and evil forces. It will also bestow tremendous stability to the environment and worshipper will emerge out to be victorious in all fields, personal life as well as professional life. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense protection and occult / black magic does not work on him. Worshipper is bestowed with good health, knowledge.

20 – Laxmi Vasudeva Shaligram

One who is born as the Son of Sri Vasudeva in the Jail of Kamsa, the Blue-Boy of Brindaavana. He is called Vaasu as He veils Himself with His own Maayaa, Deva means “He who sports, wishes to conquer, conducts, shines, creates and moves”. In the Udyoga Parva of Mahabharata, we read, “Like the Sun with his rays I am covering (Deva) in all beings and hence, I am called Vaasudeva”.

21 – Laxmi Vishnu Shaligram

Vishnu is also known as Narayana and Hari. Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu. The Vishnu Sahasranama declares Vishnu as Paramatman (supreme soul) and Parameshwara (supreme God). It describes Vishnu as the all-pervading essence of all beings, the master of and beyond the past, present and future, the creator and destroyer of all existences, one who supports, preserves, sustains and governs the universe and originates and develops all elements within.

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