Online Puja Service

What is Online Puja?

If the person can not travel to the Tirth where you intend your Puja to be conducted, our Panditji's can conduct the Puja on your behalf. This is called puja or online Puja.

Most of the Pujas offered by and can be conducted by our Pandit Ji's on your behalf. We share a Note and explain about the Puja 2-3 days before the conduction and answer any questions you may have. You will take the Sankalpa for your Puja via interactive live streaming with Pandit Ji. Pandit Ji will also record parts of the Puja he performs on your behalf. We will email these video clips to you after your Puja is complete. Pandit Ji will also send any relevant artifacts from your Puja like Prasad, Rudraksha, Shri Yantra, etc. via registered post.

  • Popular temples ensure wide range of Pujas are offered to remove, nullify and neutralize various problems from one’s life
  • Pujas, which offer solutions to specific problems like Marriage Delay, Progeny, Jobs, Career Development, Business Improvement, Debts and Loans clearing, Wealth Creation, Property Purchase, etc. are offered at temples known for those remedial pujas.

Please note: that certain temples prohibit visitors and Pandit jis from bringing Smart Phones or Video Cameras inside, hence we will be unable to record certain Pujas. If your booking falls in this category, we will inform you well in advance.

NTP Hindu temple Team takes pride in offering Online Temple Pujas. Just choose the temple and book the Puja. We shall arrange to perform the puja on your behalf, on the desired day, and arrange to send the prasad am to you within 20-25 working days.


How do I book an Online Puja?

Booking an Online Puja is easy, simply select “online-puja” as the “Puja Mode” on and fill the form with the desirable details and make the payment to confirm booking.

What kind of streaming quality can I expect?

Streaming quality depends on the internet connection you have. We recommend at least a 5 Mbps broadband connection for the best streaming experience.

Is it a must to have access to a laptop or a smartphone and a broadband connection or data plan for getting an Online Puja done?

Absolutely not! If you do not have access to such technology, you can take your Sankalpa on a Phone call. Just let us know and we will take care of it.

Online Puja and Prasad Booking Procedure

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